Agile Overview for Managers Training

Curious about how to implement Agile for your organization? Want to know what techniques will improve quality in your organization? Want to know how to meld Agile with your company culture? Well this is the course for you! Come join the experts with years of Agile experience as they explain the basics, answer your questions, and address concerns that you have for your organization. This course not only explains the basics, but it delves into the detailed subjects that you care about that are driven by your questions. Sign up now!

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Quality Management Solutions

Rome Methodologies is a global leader in mentoring, training and quality management consulting. We work with both organizations and individuals who have a need to improve their results whether in IT or business. Unlike our competitors who don’t want measurements of their results and utilize the same techniques and products for every customer, Rome Methodologies delivers tangible results-oriented mentoring education that is both practical and traceable to your goals. We deliver superior results for your environment by getting to know you, your people, and the results that are important to you. We believe in hybrid Agile approaches tailored towards your needs and your culture. During every engagement, we agree on the formulation of metrics to show you progress after using our services. We value our relationship with you and want it characterized by longevity and profitability for you.